The Swedish Roundabout

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The Swedish Roundabout

Why is it like we all drive round and round in circles?

We have a lot of challenges. The economy is not the least one.

With a population increase due to immigration, taking big resources, we only burn precious fuel with no real investments.
Small adjustments won’t do the trick for our economy.

Which league do we want to play in? Is it the Premier League in technology, education, and vibrant, modern culture and society?

We really, really need to start out fresh. Take good care of our economy. Money does not come from heaven. It comes from people’s hard work and it isn’t an endless, effortless resource to play around with. How do we make it interesting to work hard and create something substantial instead of ‘fluffy’ ideas. People who really contribute should get their fair and well earned share.

We desperately need a new reward system. Never to lift a finger should not pay off at all.

Leave the roundabout and head for the future. What’s the option?