Competence Deportations

USA Plans ‘Merit-based Immigration’, Sweden Does The Opposite!
We Expel Competent People but Keep The Low-skilled Ones.

This is the USA:

This is Sweden;

This example is just one case of many. According to Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet 3. August 2017 more than half of the Swedish IT- and Technology companies have lost or risk to lose employees through deportation the last year. Those are people who have worked in Sweden for years, are highly competent - in some cases with unique competence, pay taxes, and support themselves and their families, but some previous employer has made some administrative mistake. Sometimes even followed the (false) recommendations from Authorities. Those mistakes have usually been corrected when they were recognised, but that does not help.
The Immigration Authority says they just follow the law and the rules, which were designed to enable deportation of low skilled and/or illegal workers employed by rogue companies, who did not follow the labour market rules and even paid improperly low wages. Now these rules are making troubles for honest employers and not the least for hard working immigrants who want to stay in Sweden and tribute to our and their wealth.

The debate is ongoing and we have invented a new word: ‘kompetensutvisning’ which means ‘competence deportation’.

If Sweden shall remain a highly developed nation, attractive to the most competent developers and researchers from the EU and countries outside the EU, we must immediately change the rules. If not, e.g. what the Mayor of Stockholm Karin Wanngård says in this interview: will be a complete failure and never happen.

Of course there are many other conditions that need to be fulfilled such as a more rewarding tax system and keeping Stockholm the modern, fun, and safe city it still is. (I will discuss this in other blog posts.) But if we deport competence and keep low educated and low skilled immigrants in volumes, Stockholm and Sweden will change profoundly and not to the better.

The Government has mad a proposal to change the law and the rules but it is not good enough and takes too long time to be decided and implemented. The Government must act now and at least provide recommendations on how to interpret the rules in a reasonable way until the laws are changed.